Tribes band

  Tribes...no I don’t mean in foreign countries I mean the band!
This is just an extremely brief review on a concert I went to the other day in Leeds, enjoy!

The band playing were called Tribes, not the tribes just Tribes, get it right.
If you haven’t heard of them go look them up on YouTube, it’s quite likely you’ve heard the song ‘we were children’ because I think it may have been used in an advert but their new album ‘Baby’ has been fairly successful and they’re becoming increasingly popular and well known. 

The band itself:
They are a British group (yay for my home country some decent talent at last, joking but seriously in comparison to Cher Lloyd...just saying no offense is meant fans) Formed in 2010 and so are relatively new; consist of four band members: Johnny Lloyd (formerly of Operahouse), Jim Cratchley, Dan White and Miguel Demelo.

Type of music:
The type of music that they play I find quite hard to describe as It’s a mixture of different things although Wikipedia defines it as rock I’d say it has a bit of soul almost into it. The rock background of drums and guitar is unmistakable however the lead singer Johnny Lloyd (who is amazing) has quite a soft voice at times and some of the songs are quite slow so it can really vary (although live they did seem a bit more rock than on the album.)

They first released their single ‘we were children’ in April 2011 and the music video was actually filmed in Camden town with the band performing a rooftop gig to onlookers and fans on the street below (if only I’d have been there sob...) Then their next available single from their new album ‘Sappho’ was for download in July 2011.

They are currently touring which is when I saw them in Leeds at the cockpit (this has some really good bands playing there so check it out) and have been the main support to the Kooks on the UK part of their tour and for the final part of the European tour for the Kaiser Chiefs in November 2011 (both some of my favourite bands)
They took part in the NME awards 2012 tour and were nominated for best new band as well as going to be playing at Leeds festival in 2012.

Album & singles:
Their album was released in January 2012 and has been dubbed my many music people including radios and magazines as ‘the album to listen to’.
The final single that they’ve released recently is ‘Corner of an English field’ and there are many more songs on their album including:
·         Bad Apple
·         Whenever
·         Half way home
·         Himalaya
·         Night driving
·         When my day comes
·         Walking in the street
·         Alone or with friends
And obviously the ones released as singles.


Many bands/singers you find are much better if not a bit better on their albums/studio made songs than live however I honestly think these guys are amazing on their album but even better live so it is well worth buying a ticket.

Overall go and listen to them, they’re amazing and will be coming big soon I assure you! 
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